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Yet again today I got an update, albeit fairly small, for Windows Defender.

Using the handy “Review Update History” I had a quick look at how often I get these updates. (↑) So today is 11/30. The prior one was on 11/26, the one before that 11/23 … 11/19 & 11/16. So basically I have got 5 in 2 weeks.

Earlier last week, I noticed that my cute ‘ACTION CENTER’ flag, on the right-hand ‘dock’ of my TASK BAR was waving.

It wanted me to run Windows Defender. There was link to press. Since I had never run Windows Defender I tried it.

Said something along the lines of ‘quick scan.’ I was game. Told it to go for it. It did. It was quick. Really quick. Found NADA.

Then I noticed a ‘advanced scan’ (or equivalent) option. Since, I was doing some reading and didn’t really need to use this PC told it to do that too. Took a few minutes. Yes, this system is kind of fast though I am toying with upgrading it with a higher i7 processor. My wife is asking me what I want for Christmas.

It said it scanned some 82,xxx objects. Found nothing.

But, my question is does it really have the ‘smarts’ to find anything?

Yes, I have [paid-up] Avast! Professional 4.8. I get daily updates. I am using the Sept. 2009 build of the Engine. So, I would be bummed if Windows Defender or anything else found anything remotely harmful on this computer.

There is something Windows Defender that is ‘creepy.’ It is somewhat of a phantom, ‘The Phantom of the Vista.’

Well, for a start, you can’t find it using normal methods. Honest.

Go on. Look for it. Try Windows ‘Start.’

< Please refer to reader COMMENT below. It appears that it can be done. >

Nothing, right?

Go to the Action Center (via the Control Panel, if you must) and look under Security. If you are lucky you will see a mention of Windows Defender, but no ‘links’ to activate it.

Don’t YOU think that that is strange.

I snipped that straight from Microsoft’s ‘Using Windows Defender‘ Web page.

MSFT tells you to use SEARCH on your Windows 7 machine to find Windows Defender.

And YOU think, I make this stuff up.

This is weird.

OK, I will be nice. I will give MSFT a break (mainly because fairly soon I intend to break their sanguinity about fiduciary responsibility). Maybe, on my system Windows Defender is superfluous, possibly even impotent, because Avast is doing all the heavy lifting. Maybe.

But … then again.

I haven’t given up on crusading against pirated Windows 7 (and other software). As I have said, I do have a vested interest. Kind of hurts my feelings that people are bypassing a system that I had a hand in creating.

Well, it appears that MAYBE MSFT isn’t going to do nothing about pirated Windows 7. There is even a possibility that MSFT is ‘exploiting’ pirated copies of Windows 7 to ‘BLACK BOX‘ track Windows 7 users. Heard of the hidden, surreptitious black boxes that car manufacturers are installing on random cars so that they can monitor how people drive. Well, MSFT wants that same type of data on Windows 7 users. With legit users they will need to jump through hoops to get that. Privacy etc. But, if it is a pirated copy … no contract, no obligations … essentially outside the law. You can’t legitimately complain that MSFT is violating your privacy if you are using a pirated copy of Windows. So it appears that that is the deal … though this could be a conspiracy theory … or if you want to resort to 2nd or 3rd degree logic, claiming that it is conspiracy theory is a good red-herring to allay concern. Well, as the rumors go, MSFT at some point in 2010 will set about disabling the pirated copies once it has garnered a few warehouses full of data. Now the rub. Even the nub. With Windows Defender and the regular updates, MSFT has the perfect software disabling tool. No need to add anything else. A few new definitions and Windows Defender can GLIBLY start shutting down things. Make sense to me. But, this could just be a rumor. Who knows.


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