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I like the Snipper Tool. I use it often and all the screen shots I have used in this blog were created using it.

That it, inexplicably and inexcusably, does not have a de rigueur UNDO ‘button’ is frustrating, but is not a show stopper (since there is an ERASER function).

But contrary to what some have believed it is in NO WAY a replacement for the standard ‘Prt. Scr.’

I can’t find the exact parameters (and yes, I didn’t look that hard), BUT the Snipper has some strict limitations as to how much of a screen it can capture.

I discovered this when I tried to use it to take a screen shot of my 39″ dual monitor configuration. It can’t stretch that ‘far.’

It can’t even capture my entire 1920×1080 24″ monitor. I tried.

But, Prt. Scr (Print Screen) continues to work immaculately.

So this is not a problem. Snipper is invaluable for grabbing PORTIONS of your screen. But if you want the ENTIRE screen you may have to use Prt. Scr. (unless you have a small monitor).

So this is just a heads-up. Something to keep in the back of your mind.


Anura Guruge


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