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Now that I have discovered this “All Items” option in the Control Panel, I am checking them each out whenever I have a few minutes to spare or need a break from proofing my book.

The other night I was playing around with ‘Advanced Tools.’

You too can get to it via Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Performance Information and Tools > Advanced Tools. (Easy as that. << smile >>)

The last option in ‘Advanced Tools’ is ‘Generate a system health report.’

Who, in their right mind, could refuse that?

It spends 60 seconds scanning your system and generates a report. Way to go. I was damn impressed.

My ‘health report’ has a WARNING right up top. Says that the ‘Security Center has not recorded an antivirus product.’

Strange that.  My action center, 99% of the time, says ALL IS FINE. No mention that I need an antivirus product installed.

If anything it tells me that Avast! antivirus reports that it is up to date and virus scanning is one.

I know I have Avast! and that it is running. If I disable Avast! the Action Center goes crazy.

So this, indubitably, is a BUG and a BUG in Windows 7 SECURITY.

After all that talk about how this was going to be the MOST SECURE of Windows you would think they would be able to see if I have an antivirus installed or not.  I am not impressed.

As I have said from the start I am not convinced that Windows 7 was properly tested. We are talking the most basic or basics when it comes to Windows — the mandatory antivirus. Windows 7 Health Report can’t detect my antivirus. Give me a break.

In my long life I was blessed to meet some amazing characters some of whom helped me in various ways. In my long list of mentors, Mike Hafferty, is WAY UP THERE for so many reasons. Mike, changed my life. Mike, was the best salesman I have ever met and I have met and dealt with thousands. Mike was a genius. Mike, wherever you are (and I last heard you were in Singapore), I thank YOU. Mike, as CEO of Case Communications, was the master of the inspirational talks. One of his favorite sayings, at these talks, was: “If you are on a plane and you open up your tray table and find that it had not been properly cleaned it makes you wonder what else in the plane has not been properly taken care of.” << Yes, this was in the early 80s when airlines kind of cared and Mike, like I, spend much of our time on planes. >>

Well this INCORRECT Heal Report reminds me of Mike’s admonition. If Microsoft didn’t take care of this what other things did it overlook.

P.S. MSFT still hasn’t got back to me on the previous BUG I reported to them. I will chronicle the whole saga if and when it gets resolved. I got an email this morning asking for an extension. As if I could say “no.”

Anura Guruge


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