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I kid you not. There is something, insidious, going on here. First Microsoft says it will continue to provide updates for pirated copies of Windows 7.

Now, on a Web site IT CREATED, within the ‘www.microsoft.com‘ domain, with the MSFT ‘icon’ on the address line, you can find a link, to videos on YouTube.com on how to get Windows 7 for FREE.

Here is a screen shot taken a few minutes ago:

If you can’t read that, here is the URL and look for a video from December 7, 2009 at 6:15pm.

I don’t get it. As I have said I am doing my best to start a CLASS ACTION suit against MSFT on this … since I am sure it is detrimental to the share holders, and the MSFT BoD has a fiduciary responsibility towards its poor share holders — and I use the word ‘poor’ prudently. MSFT, at $30, is what it was 3 years ago. Having taken their lumps (of coal) with Vista, the share holders are entitled to get a break with Windows 7.

Yes, I understand that this Microsoft Web site, which features THIS BLOG, on a regular basis is automated. But, it is also keyword driven. Now you would think MSFT had a couple of bright sparks in Bangalore, if not Redmond, who could program this thing to AVOID featuring videos or BLOGs that advocated pirated software — especially Windows 7.

It is amazing how people just don’t get this piracy issue.

I heard an amusing story the other day. A professional photographer wanted to make sure that his photographers could not be pirated off his Web site gallery. So he went and got a pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop so he could ’emboss’ copyright statements on his photographs to prevent others from pirating his work. He would never appreciate the irony! What a world.


Anura Guruge


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