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<< Identified and FIXED as of December 13, 2009. See this post. Thanks. >>

I had forgotten that you can increase the size of Windows 7 file icons using the handy-dandy slider.

So I got a chance to have a read good gander at these mysterious icons that appeared against 7 of my files 5 days ago.

Though I have been getting lovely emails from Microsoft Office Support in my ‘native’ subcontinent English — they claim that they have not seen this problem before!

I have to admit the icons are strange. The padlocks are disembodied so-to-speak. If it was to denote that the document was locked you would think the padlock would be attached to the document.

MSFT wants me to call up a 1-800 number and then bring up the System in Safe Mode. I have promised to do that when I have some time and the planets are favorably aligned.

Today I was rather preoccupied (in between spending 90 minutes shoveling snow by hand) learning that font size points are dependent on dpi. Fancy that. Over 40 years of playing around with computers, 7 published books, over 350 published articles, more PowerPoints than most people have had sex in their lifetime and I never knew that ‘Franklin Gothic’ at 24pts @ 300dpi comes out at like 8 pts! Wow. It was a blast to learn about it. Well, now that I cracked that little nut, I have done a mock up cover. That is how my time goes. Shoveling snow and learning about fonts. And MSFT wants me to call their support.

All the best. Cheers.

Anura Guruge


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