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I am getting quite fond of Core Temp 0.99.5 (and can’t wait until they come up with ver. 1.0).

I don’t use it all the time. I use it for a couple of hours at a time, displayed on my LEFT HAND monitor, so I can see how the core temps. fluctuate with the kind of tasks I am performing. What I have learned so far is that I am NOT, by any means, making this rig even breathe hard, let alone break into a sweat. I kind of knew that, when I configured it, but to actually see how little of the resources I am using is amusing. With 2 instances of FireFox 3.5, with about 14 open tabs, and Office 2007 Word going, I tend to use under 4% of CPU capacity.

Consequently, the cores stay fairly cool — counter to the misleading readings I was getting from SpeedFan. Each core appears to have its own personal temp. profile … and a quick Google confirmed that. Core #3 runs hotter than the rest, with Core #4 running the coolest. And yes, there is a 10-11F variation in temps between the cores.

What is interesting to see is how the CPU frequency and the power usage fluctuates with load. Pretty impressive how Intel throttles way back when there is no load.

But, Core Temp and ASUS’ PC Probe have a limitation. Unlike SpeedFan they do not monitor and report GRAPHIC CARD temp. That is frustrating. You would think ASUS’ PC Probe would do that given that I have a fairly high-end ASUS Video Card, viz. the ASUS GTX260 896MG.

Well, another quick Google told me about ASUS Smart Doctor … their software magic for ASUS video cards … which also provides video card temp. monitoring.

Downloaded it from softpedia. (Don’t ask me why you can getter newer versions of ASUS software from softpedia than ASUS. Trying to answer that is beyond my pay grade).

First thing, Smart Doctor complained that I do not have ‘ASUS Gamer OSD’ software installed. Damn right. I am no gamer and I don’t want any gaming specific software polluting my PC.

That was the beginning of the end.

Smart Doctor worked. A rather garish interface design, no doubt meant to titillate some prepubescent boy who has yet to discover all the joys of real titillation. But, SmartDoctor did tell me that my video card was running cool. Around 109F. The same range I used to see with SpeedFan.

As with SpeedFan, Core Temp and PC Probe I do not want Smart Doctor running all the time. Neither do I want it to be a start up item. Well, Smart Doctor was too much in my face — with its Dr. Who control panel. Plus, each time I started up it would complain that I didn’t have that bloody ASU Gamer OSD installed. So I uninstalled the damn thing.

I doubt my video card will run hot. If it does that would probably be because the fan stopped. So it will probably burn up anyway. Just buy another one. That is easier than having Smart Doctor yapping at me about bloody Gamer OSD. So that is that.


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