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The in-your-face SEARCH trench (shown below) on the Windows 7 START ‘button’ is not the way to search for folders, files or contents!

This is the SEARCH that is always there under ‘All Programs’ and next to ‘Shut down.’ This SEARCH despite claiming to search ‘files’ is BEST used just to locate programs, i.e., Windows 7 applications.

For those coming from XP this could be confusing and misleading. Though not in the same place as in XP, this SEARCH, on the START menu is analogous to where search was in XP. However, with Windows 7, the real powerful library/folder/file/content search is located on the SEARCH BAR you get on top of each and every Windows 7 Explorer window. See below.

In essence, Windows 7 has standardized on the Web browser paradigm for search. There is nothing wrong with that. Actually it is good. My only issue is that there could be many, like me, who didn’t realize that it was THERE. As a seasoned XP user I just assumed that the SEARCH trench at START was it.

I don’t use search that often and actually turned off Windows 7 search indexing.

But yesterday I needed to find a file. I had downloaded Ad-Adaware. I thought that the install had been saved on my DOWNLOAD folder. It wasn’t. So I did a search. Couldn’t find it.

In the process found another MINOR BUG in Windows 7. The Search gives you a link and that says “SEE MORE RESULTS”. Click on it … nothing happens. That is NOT good UI design. It should at least say ‘nada, nothing more to show.’

Anyway … I did invoked Windows Help and did a search at the search prompt.

So, hope this helps. So remember, if you are looking for anything other than programs or Control Panel items, fire up and instance of Windows Explorer and use the SEARCH bar on that.


Anura Guruge


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