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From what I can deduce, right now, Word 2007 allows you to scroll seamlessly across two documents, one on each monitor, without having to ‘click/select’ on either of the documents.

This is extremely handy. Thank YOU, Microsoft — though I do not think this was an explicit design feature. [I think it is an accidental, but providential, ‘oversight in the code. I could, as ever, however, be wrong. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Exploit it. Enjoy it.]

What does this mean. You can continually hop from one document to the other and scroll the document you are currently on WITHOUT having to make it the active Window.

Get it? It sounds more involved than what it is in practice.

OK. Let me give you a specific example. I am indexing my latest book. So I have one Word document called ‘Index’. Rather than using printed, hard copy I display the body of the book, i.e., the various chapters, as Word documents on my LEFT HAND side monitor.

So I read chapter content on the LEFT HAND side monitor while creating index entries on the RIGHT HAND side monitor.

I can mouse over from one document to the other and just start scrolling, as soon as I get to the other document, WITHOUT having to do a mouse CLICK on it — to activate it [i.e., to select it as the active document].

So my RIGHT HAND document, the index, REMAINS the active document even when I am scrolling the other document. So when I come back to the index I don’t have to re-select either. Just carry on typing. It really is COOL.

Thank you, Microsoft. This actually does translate into palpable productivity gain. Way to go.

I will keep you posted as I discover these ‘tricks.’


Anura Guruge,


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