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I got 9.5.2 on Dec. 11 and made the prediction that we will most likely be at 9.5.4 before January 1.

Last night, i.e., Dec. 21, just before mid-night, I got System Mechanic 9.5.3.

iolo, indubitably, is scrambling to get System Mechanic up to par for Windows 7.

Prior to System Mechanic 9.5.0 on November 27, 2009, System Mechanic was NOT Windows 7 ready.

So this has been the release schedule since then:

System Mechanic 9.5.0 November 27, 2009

System Mechanic 9.5.1 December 3, 2009 (6 days between releases)

System Mechanic 9.5.2 December 10, 2009 (7 days between releases)

System Mechanic 9.5.3 December 21, 2009 (11 days between releases)

4 releases in 24 days! That is good and bad … but also CRAZY.

In my youth I was a Product Manager for a bunch of complex, networking software products. Doing releases like this is not a good reflection on the product or the company.

But, I also appreciate that iolo has had NO CHOICE.

I was going to do a post that 9.5.2 was ‘not right.’

From what I could see 9.5.2 was in ‘lock down’ mode. It was very reticent about reporting any problems. It appeared to be working on the principle that it was better to keep quiet than get it wrong.

I ran 9.5.3. It did not report any disk errors. As I had stated, the previous releases incorrectly reported that I had disk errors. It also said that my disk fragmentation was but 10%. That is 4% down from what the previous release said … and I had NOT done a defrag between the two readings! Remember, I have said that with Windows 7 what is considered to be ‘fragmented‘ has been redefined.

Well as is my wont I will keep an eye on System Mechanic 9.5.3 for all of you.

Happy holidays. All the best. Cheers.

Anura Guruge


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