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Today was my second day of having System Mechanic 9.5.3 on my Windows 7 rig.

Today I had a chance to really put it through its paces and keep an eye on it.

Made it do two deep system analysis scans. Reported the usual suspects. 7 registry errors, 74MB of clutter, 64% registry defragmentation and 10% c-disk fragmentation.

As ever System Mechanic cleaned up the registry errors without incident.

Told it to defrag the c-drive. It did. came back and said I still had 10% fragmentation. That means it didn’t recover anything.

Told it to do it again. Same result.

Scheduled a registry defrag. SYSTEM MECHANIC 9.5.3. HUNG!

But was able to restart Windows 7.

The registry defrag did occur. [But Windows 7 did not register the System Mechanic hang.]

Ran Windows 7 defrag … twice. Each case it came back and said 0% fragmentation.

Did a reanalysis using System Mechanic. Still claims I have 10% fragmentation.

So I continue to have the tale of two reports; Windows 7 0%, System Mechanic 9.5.3 10%.

As I have noted, Microsoft, as of Vista, changed its definition of fragmentation. The Microsoft criteria actually makes sense to me. So I am in a quandary as to who to believe. As an ex-IBMer who still remembers what Microsoft did to us with OS/2 I, reflexively, used to believe anybody but Microsoft. But, as with Windows 7 Microsoft is slowly winning me OVER. That is pretty amazing. That is kind of akin to the GOP winning over Bill Clinton!

The System Mechanic 9.5.3 hang really bugs me. I put up with all the System Mechanic bugs when 9.0.5 was not Windows 7 ready. Hhhhmmm.

A nice feature of WordPress, that I use for this blog, is that it shows me the search words that resulted in people clicking on this blog. To my distress I am seeing people coming here after searching on how to get key code generators for System Mechanic.

Come ON. You don’t need to pirate System Mechanic. You can get 30 days (or is it 60 days) for FREE … per e-mail. Don’t screw iolo.

They have done you no harm. By all means be creative. Use a couple of different emails and get trial versions for a few months.

But IF you like System Mechanic PLEASE pay for it.

Small companies like iolo and Avast can’t function on good will alone. They need revenue. If we scam them, we will get inferior products BECAUSE they don’t have the bucks to spend on R&D.

That is it for today. All the best. Cheers.

Anura Guruge


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