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See that … the GREEN filling up some of my ‘Windows Explorer’ Task Bar icon.

You can also notice I have three instances of ‘Windows Explorer’ active. I was burning a DVD using drag-and-drop, from one ‘Windows Explorer’ window to another. So that accounts for two instances. One for the ‘C’ drive and other for the DVD RW ‘E’ drive. I was copying across all of my Web site images. That was just over a gig and was going to take some time to burn. Hence the file transfer progress bar.

Well, since multitasking is my thing, I activated FireFox to start updating this blog. You will also notice I had two FireFox instances. One of each monitor. Actually, I should have mentioned that ‘Windows Explorer’ instances were also spread across the two monitors.

When I activated both FireFox instances the ‘Windows Explorer’ instances were obscured. I happened to glance down at the task bar and noticed the GREEN encroaching on the icon. Clicked on the icon for a preview. The GREEN matched the exact length of the progress bar.

WAY COOL. Way to go Microsoft. I am impressed.

I used PRT SCR with Snipper to capture the above image per the technique I talked about two days ago. It was a snip.


Anura Guruge


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As I had pointed out way back on November 9, with Windows 7 you don’t need any CD/DVD creation software, à la say Nero, to burn a disk. The disk and folder menu for Windows 7 has a BURN option that allows you to do that. But, as I said at the start, the user interface for using that BURN option isn’t straightforward.

Today, I tried to use it. Got me no where.

Then I, using the COMPUTER icon, just displayed my drives … including my DVD RW drive. It showed as an open folder. Dragged a folder to it. Took it straightway. No hassle.

So I tried it again.

So here is the bottom line. To burn a CD/DVD just put a write-ready disk into your RW drive. Using the COMPUTER icon select that drive and click on it. Open up the drive as a folder. THEN just drag-and-drop the folders or files you want burned into that open disk folder. You can drop multiple files/folders at once. When you are finished just right click and say EJECT. Might take a few minutes for it to ‘finalize’ the disk. It will then eject it.

I was even able to effortlessly add folders to a DVD R disk that I had previously burned. Didn’t ask me anything. Just continued to add.

It really is easy and painless. Try it. You will like it.


Anura Guruge

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