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Most people don’t realize that Web site owners (if they subscribe to a traffic analysis package) and Blog site owners (especially if they use WordPress or Typepad) get to see the search strings that resulted in people visiting their Web site or blog.

As you can see from the above ‘snip’ a few people today did a search on “guruge against you”!


That is kind of funny. I have been an IT analyst for over 25 years. During that period, at various times, I have been vocally critical of IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Sun, Attachmate, NetManage etc. etc.

But it is never personal. It is always objective and I always have the facts to backup my objections.

Yes, I can understand that iolo may feel that I am been rather harsh on them. Not so. I still have System Mechanic on 3 of my machines. I just want them to fix the bugs. I hate it when my Windows 7 machine hangs.

Yes, I am also known to be harsh on Adobe. But, over the years Adobe Acrobat has caused me so much grief. As I told an artist friend recently, I am sure Acrobat has taken 5 years of my life.

Kind of ditto for Microsoft. Over the years Word has kept me up many a night … but then again I use Word more than most.

But, I am also the first to heap praise when praise is due.

Windows 7 exceeds my expectations. Office 2007 has proved to be more resilient than what I expected. Microsoft support, when it came to fixing the icon padlock problem, was superlative. I have said all of this in public.

Acrobat has also got much, much, much better. Acrobat 9.2 seems good … though it amuses me the number of searches I see each day with people searching on “Acrobat 9.2 problems”.

So, bottom line. I am only against specific, quantifiable issues. If System Mechanic 9.5.3 hangs I will complain about it … and provide exact details as to how and when it hung.

If I like something that Microsoft does, I will gladly tip my hat to them.

So don’t  just search for “guruge against you.” That is a disservice to me and to you. Be specific. Write a comment.


Anura Guruge


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Way back, on November 9th, I had already stated that Windows 7 to XP networking works … but does so mysteriously.

Windows 7 will automatically discover XP machines.

On Christmas eve I fired up, for the first time, a XP Professional SP3 box.

It might have been the SP3 but Windows 7 detected it … ‘immediately.’ I didn’t have to do a network search on the Windows 7 machine or anything. The name of the XP SP3 machine just poped up on my Windows 7 machine. Way to go. I am impressed. I think with SP2 it was not as automated.

Once I set up network sharing on the C-drive of the XP machine … I could read/write folders/files from/to to the XP box without any issue. That was fine with me. Since the machines are basically next to each other I only need bi-directional read/write from one machine. So that works for me. I haven’t got around to enabling sharing on the Windows 7.

Did experience one unexpected ‘glitch.’ Though I had given global networking sharing to the C-drive this does not appear to percolate through to the ‘My Documents’ folders — for the individual users.

You have to go in and do that separately. Not a big deal once you know that you have to do this step.

So, right now, I can transfer stuff at will between the XP SP3 and the Windows 7. No restrictions that I have seen.

I even noticed that the TIME REMAINING for a file transfer seems to work when you are going from Windows 7 to XP.

So, I am happy. I am impressed.


Anura Guruge

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I couldn’t believe it.

I had so hoped that System Mechanic hangs, and I have had about 10, were a thing of the past with System Mechanic 9.5.3. I was wrong. [Please see ‘System Mechanic‘ category for my travails with System Mechanic 9.x with Windows 7.]

I had deleted quite a few files today. So thought I would do a defrag even though System Mechanic did not say I needed to do one.

Defrag worked OK. Said I still had 9% fragmentation. It is getting better. Last time around it said 10%. Ten days ago, with 9.5.2 it was saying 14%.

I restarted Windows 7 after the SM hang. So the Action Center does not note this hang. My reliability history is pristine over Christmas.

I then did a Windows 7 fragmenation analysis. It said, 0%. iolo has to get its story right one of these days.

I am annoyed about this hang. We better have System Mechanic 9.5.4 SOON.

Thanks. Cheers.

Anura Guruge

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