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Following my post on the power-packed, 8GB ASUS, with Windows 7 Home Premium, being offered by Best Buy for a compelling $650, I was alerted this afternoon to two other very tempting Windows 7 deals from Best Buy.

  1. The same ASUS, but now packaged with a 20″ LCD monitor and an EPSON NX110 3-in-1 multifunction printer for $760. I have always liked Epson printers. I bought my first in 2003 having carefully studied specs of Epson vs. HP. Never regretted it. Then in 2007 I got a Christmas gig as a Epson weekend warrior. I had to bone up on Epson technology and pass a number of online tests. So I was forced to learn a lot about Epsons, quickly. I was never disappointed. Selling Epson printers, at Best Buy, during the the 2007 Christmas period was, indubitably, one of the best jobs I have ever had … and I have had some plumb jobs with unlimited expense accounts, offices the size of conference rooms, company cars and first class air travel. The printers sold themselves.  I would outsell HP, Canon and Dell day-in, day-out. I really don’t think that a single Kodak got sold while I prowled the printer aisle. I would provide free counseling for those that came in to buy a Kodak, beguiled by the misguiding TV ads. they had seen. So anyway, the Epson MAKES the bundle. So for an additional $110 you are getting a 20″ LCD and an Epson 3-in-1 printer. Have a look. What do you have to lose?

  2. There is also a Gateway bundle with the same Epson 3-in-1 and a 20″ for $630. It is a dual core with 6GB. The 6 gig will compensate a bit for the lack of quad core. I have studied quad core usage on my i7. Unless you genuinely have long-duration background tasks, you are unlikely to truly make use of all four cores — concurrently. Yes, there is load balancing between the cores to keep them from getting too hot, but that is just gravy. The 6 gig will eliminate a lot of paging, especially with the browsers.

So check these out. Go play with them.


Anura Guruge


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