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Two glasses of red wine awarded by Anura Guruge

Cheers Auslogics. Way to go! Thanks.

by Anura Guruge

As has been documented here I started using the free Auslogics tools, Registry Cleaner, Registry Defrag and Disk Defrag, in January 2010, when I finally had enough of System Mechanic, trying on a daily basis, to hijack my PC from underneath me.

In general, I always liked the Auslogics tools. They appeared to do what they were supposed to do, were very stable, untemperamental and unintrusive. Yes, I did not like that Registry Defrag does not allow me to insist on a Defrag — it [i.e., the software] always determining whether I need a Defrag or not.

But, over the last 18 months I have really got to trust and love the Auslogics tools. I got to know that I could run them and they would do their thing without fuss or bother.

The last time I had downloaded the tools from Auslogics was around June 2010. Around that time they started to aggressively push their top-of-the-line, ‘BootSpeed.’ BootSpeed never appealed to me. It looked like a System Mechanic ‘wannabe’ — and I was not looking for a product that was going to take control away from me. But, I fully appreciate that there is a market for BootSpeed and that Auslogics needs to make money — so that they can also provide the FREE tools that I love.

I use all three of the tools at least once a month — usually at the start of each month. I have found that Windows 7 is not as susceptible to registry clutter as was XP. Plus the raw horsepower of this PC overcomes any small degradation in performance. Of late, each time I used the tools, I used to wonder: ‘Wow, I wonder if they have a newer version.’ But, I never even bothered to look. [Oh, I also got my wife using Auslogics on her new Windows 7 ASUS laptop.]

Then two days ago, I got another of the regular e-mails I get from Auslogics. This one actually talked about DOWNLOADING the Free Tools. This felt like an omen.

So, yesterday, I downloaded all three of the FREE Auslogics tools, viz. Registry Cleaner, Registry Defrag and Disk Defrag.

I had to download each through CNET and I HATED and RESENTED that!

I do not trust CNET. It also tried to con me into downloading stuff I did NOT want. It even tries to trick YOU!

I wish Auslogics would STOP using CNET — though I think they get some financial benefits from using CNET. I discovered, to my joy, that you can bail out of the CNET installer as soon as the software is downloaded.

Yes, all three of the Auslogics’ installers also try to get you to install a whole bunch of stuff you don’t want like the ASK toolbar, twitter account for Australian girls gone wild, Facebook page for the Australian Rugby team etc. etc. At least, if you are paying attention, you can spot all ‘thirty’ of the check boxes and uncheck them. To be honest, I can live with this. I know they have to make money. Now, if they gave me even more compelling options … other than Australian girls gone wild, I may consider keeping some of those boxes checked.

All this said, either CNET or Auslogics still installed the STARTNOW toolbar on FireFox. I was livid. Thankfully uninstalling it, permanently, is trial using the FireFox Add-On manager. But, this is SO STUPID. Don’t try and rape me. Be nice. I know it is free software but that doesn’t mean you have to always try and see how you can screw me. But, I will forgive that too … because it was easy enough to fix.

I ran all 3 of the tools. The interfaces have changed. But, they seemed to work well.

Also NOW there is a CHECK FOR UPDATES option in the HELP menu. Bravo. Thank you.

So all said, I am still a big fan. I like the CHECK UPDATES. I hate the installation process. But, overall, it is worth the hassle.

Hence, my award of the coveted ‘Two Glasses of Red’ — and that can even be Australian Shiraz, Yellow Tail.



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<< This posting was submitted by Liz Cornwell, the Auslogics‘ Public Relations & Media Manger, at MY REQUEST.
I am posting it, unedited. I, however, added one proviso from an e-mail from Liz on Feb. 3.
I do NOT know enough about BootSpeed to endorse or contradict what is in this post.
So this is what it is … a post by Auslogics.
If any of YOU want to submit posts for publication here, I will readily consider them provided they are reasonably relevant, not too outlandish and are not incredibly salacious. >>


Liz Cornwell of Auslogics

Stories of online fraud, identity theft and phishing scams appear on the news so often that a lot of people don’t pay attention anymore. That’s not going to happen to me, they think.  But the thing is – each and every one of us is a potential online fraud victim. But the numbers are disturbing – in 2007 online fraud banking losses totalled £22.6 million. And there were 20,682 reported phishing incidents in the UK in the first half of  2008 alone. Of course nobody knows how many people didn’t report the crime.

I’m sure you never click any links in suspicious emails claiming to be from your bank. And of course you have a fully protected PC with regularly updated antivirus software and enabled firewall. That’s good, but not enough.

Don’t leave tracks

I know that keeping your browsing history and store passwords can save you a lot of time. But believe me, it makes sense to clear your browser cache and history after each session, especially after you’ve been doing online banking. You can do it manually, but if you’re after real security, I recommend using Track Eraser, which is part of Auslogics BoostSpeed.

This tool will remove your confidential information from your computer and protect your privacy.

Delete files safely and wipe your disks

When you delete a file it is not actually deleted – they are still there and can be restored. Unless you securely shred the files you delete, they can be easily recovered. Also files can be undeleted from any free space on your hard disk. I recommend you use file shredding and disk wiping software.

Auslogics BoostSpeed contains both a file shredder and a disk wiper, that offer military-level protection. Like all other BoostSpeed utilities, both have clear and intuitive user interface and very easy to use.

Disable Remote Registry and Messenger Services

Everybody knows that hackers can access your computer. How? Easy, because actually Windows XP and newer versions have services that enable you to access a computer remotely

Remote Registry and Messenger. They haven’t been designed for hackers, but hackers use them pretty frequently. So, if you never use those services, it’s best to disable them. How? Just open Auslogics BoostSpeed and m

ake sure PC Security is turned on.

Auslogics BoostSpeed comes with a 15-day fully functional trial. The full version costs $29.95 for 3 PCs.
<< From an e-mail from Liz on Feb. 3:
I’ve checked with our developers and they said that BoostSpeed has 15 days trial BUT there is only one restriction – it won’t delete registry keys. It will fix everything else. But then Auslogics has a free reg cleaner, so no harm.” >>

You don’t walk around with your bank account number printed on your bag, right? So don’t be too careless – pay attention to computer security and don’t become the next online fraud victim.

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I have had an email from Auslogics that I am wrong. They claim that a 15-day free evaluation period is included with their BootSpeed.

I didn’t personally try out BootSpeed. My checked it out … and I clearly said that. She, however, called me over to show me the message that said that BootSpeed will not fix the errors because she didn’t have a license. That I saw.

BUT, if we got this wrong, I will GLADLY and unconditionally apologize. All I was reacting to was what I saw. Right now I do not have the time to download and test BootSpeed. Lots happening. But, I will download BootSpeed to another XP box and test it to see whether I get a 15 day free trial. NOW it is possible that Auslogics could have added this since I complained 7 days ago. << smile, grin >> Hey, come on. I have readily admitted I am the cynic’s cynic.

Anyway, Auslogics CLAIMS that you get 15 days free trial. I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I am also charitable to a fault. << smile >>

The day after, viz. February 3rd, I got another e-mail with this proviso: “I’ve checked with our developers and they said that BoostSpeed has 15 days trial BUT there is only one restriction – it won’t delete registry keys. It will fix everything else. But then Auslogics has a free reg cleaner, so no harm.”

Hhhmmm. What do YOU think? Now that I am thinking, the ONLY errors BootSpeed probably found on my wife’s PC were Registry Errors. Hhhhmmm. I don’t know. To first tell me that I was WRONG and that they do offer a 15 day free trial and then to send me, the next day, an e-mail that adds conditions to the supposed ‘FREE’ just doesn’t sit well with me.

Thanks. Cheers.

Anura Guruge

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