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To be honest, the last time I had FireFox 3.6.3 crash was on May 12, 2010. So nearly a month ago. But, I will also readily concede that of late I have NOT been hammering on FireFox either — given that I am not doing as much concentrated research.

The other night, I got curious and went looking to see when I might get FireFox 4. Well that is still a ways out … FireFox 4 in essence being 3.6.7 … renamed as 4.

But, I saw that the 3.6.4 beta was on its final days. Pretty close to being released. Well, I had used the beat of 3.6.2. So, I was game. Not working on a book … at least, on in anger. So a bit of instability wouldn’t druve me totally nuts.

On Monday, June 7, I downloaded and installed FireFox 3.6.4 on my XP box. I was amazed how smoothly it went. It was treated as a straight upgrade and my theme and plug-ins all seem to work.

So yesterday, Tuesday, June 8, after I installed all the Windows updates and checked out this PC … I went for broke. I upgraded to FireFox 3.6.4. beta. (I think it was rc6). Again, the upgrade was smooth and everything just came up. No messages that I had incompatible plug-ins.

So far, so good. I will keep you posted.


Anura Guruge


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I have been running FireFox 3.6.3 since April 3, 2010.

I had thought that 3.6.3 was slightly better on hangs than FireFox 3.6.2, and my Windows 7 Reliability History appears to confirm that. I have had one FireFox hang since I installed 3.6.3 — BUT I also recognize that I have not been banging FireFox as hard as I normally do, since I am going through a transition in my work.

Yesterday, or day before, I got an unsolicited ‘pop-up Windows’ from FireFox saying that it had, unilaterally, disabled my Java Deployment Toolkit plugin because it was known to cause instability! Wow.

This is kind of interesting because on March 23, 2010, I had suggested that you upgrade to the latest and greatest Java because I had the feeling that it was Java that was responsible for many of the crashes.

So if YOU are using FireFox 3.6.x … go to TOOLS and invoke ADD-ONS >> Plugins. See if FireFox will tell you to disable Java Deployment Tools. Even if it doesn’t try it.

Maybe it will help.

Good luck.

Anura Guruge

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FireFox 3.6.2 continues to test my patience and mettle. Crashed again last night. Second crash in 48 hours. Both times was when I was trying to upload a file via a pop-up window. I do this most days. One is from my online GoDaddy file backup site, the other at Typepad.com (where I have www.popes-and-papacy hosted).

Playing around on my XP machine I noticed that there is a difference between FireFox 3.6.2 and FireFox 3.6 rc2. So I reinstalled FireFox today. Not sure whether it will help. Install finished normally. BUT, when I went to restart Windows 7 for the Windows 7 Update … I got a message that FireFox was not installed properly and needs to complete its installation. It did that. Not sure what that was all about.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Anura Guruge

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Following yesterday’s suggestion on Windows 7 memory usage optimization … I wanted to add a few more thoughts and parameters.

As I stated in the post, I was around 23% when I was writing the post.

Just past midnight, I started to wind down. I closed FireFox 3.6.2 (two instances) [FireFox yet again having hung a few minutes earlier]. My memory usage, per the desktop gadget, dropped to 11%. Call that 1.3GB.

So Windows 7 Professional … with no applications running … was using 1.3GB of physical memory. That seems fair. Hence my contention that you really need a minimum of 2GB to run Windows 7, realistically.

This would indicate that FireFox was also using around 1GB. Seems fair.

I just fired up Task Manager >> Resource Monitor … and am looking at my memory usage. Yes, yet again, as is the norm, I have two instances of FireFox 3.6.2 running … 13 open tabs.

It says I have 2.2GB in use. The gadget says 19%. That is pretty close. The the gadget is pretty accurate.

Says FireFox has 706.9MB committed. So the numbers kind of make sense. I have 1.7GB cached.

I just started up Word 2007. It only took 22MB! Pretty impressive.

So all of this confirms my initial contention. I am NOT seeing anything untoward when it comes to Windows 7 memory usage. It seems to be well behaved. But, now that I started checking … I will keep an eye and keep YOU posted. OK?

All the best. Good luck.

Anura Guruge

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