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To be honest, the last time I had FireFox 3.6.3 crash was on May 12, 2010. So nearly a month ago. But, I will also readily concede that of late I have NOT been hammering on FireFox either — given that I am not doing as much concentrated research.

The other night, I got curious and went looking to see when I might get FireFox 4. Well that is still a ways out … FireFox 4 in essence being 3.6.7 … renamed as 4.

But, I saw that the 3.6.4 beta was on its final days. Pretty close to being released. Well, I had used the beat of 3.6.2. So, I was game. Not working on a book … at least, on in anger. So a bit of instability wouldn’t druve me totally nuts.

On Monday, June 7, I downloaded and installed FireFox 3.6.4 on my XP box. I was amazed how smoothly it went. It was treated as a straight upgrade and my theme and plug-ins all seem to work.

So yesterday, Tuesday, June 8, after I installed all the Windows updates and checked out this PC … I went for broke. I upgraded to FireFox 3.6.4. beta. (I think it was rc6). Again, the upgrade was smooth and everything just came up. No messages that I had incompatible plug-ins.

So far, so good. I will keep you posted.


Anura Guruge


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I have been running FireFox 3.6.3 since April 3, 2010.

I had thought that 3.6.3 was slightly better on hangs than FireFox 3.6.2, and my Windows 7 Reliability History appears to confirm that. I have had one FireFox hang since I installed 3.6.3 — BUT I also recognize that I have not been banging FireFox as hard as I normally do, since I am going through a transition in my work.

Yesterday, or day before, I got an unsolicited ‘pop-up Windows’ from FireFox saying that it had, unilaterally, disabled my Java Deployment Toolkit plugin because it was known to cause instability! Wow.

This is kind of interesting because on March 23, 2010, I had suggested that you upgrade to the latest and greatest Java because I had the feeling that it was Java that was responsible for many of the crashes.

So if YOU are using FireFox 3.6.x … go to TOOLS and invoke ADD-ONS >> Plugins. See if FireFox will tell you to disable Java Deployment Tools. Even if it doesn’t try it.

Maybe it will help.

Good luck.

Anura Guruge

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As soon as I powered up today, much later than usual because I had to take the kids for an Easter egg hunt, I got FireFox 3.6.3.

So am I posting this using FireFox 3.6.3.

But, from what I can see from the 3.6.3. Release Note … this is SUPPOSEDLY an update JUST to fix one … apparently VERY SERIOUS … security issue. Whiskey, Tango and Fox. This security exposure is SUPPOSEDLY so grave that they won’t even tell us what it is UNLESS we are a registered user with Mozilla.

But, here is the kicker. It is dated April 1, 2010. So all of this could be nothing more than an April Fool’s joke by Mozilla. Damn YOU, Mozilla.

Us loyal FireFox users are being abused with the never-ending hangs. Now you release and update and there isn’t even ONE FIX for the hangs.

Damn YOU. At this rate … I will soon ditch FireFox with the alacrity that I ditched IE and System Mechanic.

I am hoping, against hope, that 3.6.3 does have some NEW code to fix the hangs. If not, DAMN YOU Mozilla. Long live Google. Long live Chrome.

Hope this help. Good luck.

Anura Guruge

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