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Yes, I will confess I am not as diligent as I used to be when it comes to the timely installation of Windows 7 Updates — in particular the recurrent KB915597 updates for Windows Defender. [Rightly or wrongly I tend to believe that my fully paid for Avast 4.8 Professional protects me better than Windows Defender.]  For a week or more I had seen that there was a new KB915597 but I didn’t install it till just a few minutes ago.

[In case you are wondering, I do have Windows Update TURNED OFF and have had it turned off since earlier this year. If I am so inclined, couple of times a week, before I turn off this PC around midnight, to go to bed, I will do a manual check to see what updates are pending. That is how I know what is awaiting.]

Today, I had some free time so I decided to install the latest KB915597 but discovered that there were also 5 other updates. 4 were optional. Of these one was a cumulative update for Media Center (KB981078), while the other was a .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (KB982670). I opted to install both of these — just in case.

Two of the optional updates were to do with LEGACY application compatibility. I read the detailed info. I had never even heard of the applications let alone use them so I hid those two.

Then the one important update, not counting the latest KB915597, was for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. I installed it, because I am never sure what applications rely on .NET Framework.


Something is up with Windows Defender updates. I did some checking. The frequency of the updates, i.e., KBKB915597, has slowed dramatically. The last update, for Definition Set 1.83.1268.0 was three weeks ago.

Check the Microsoft Malware Protection Center log << here >>. Something doesn’t feel right. I will TRY and keep an eye.

So that is it. I did a RESTART. So far, so good. Did a QUICK SCAN with Windows Defender because Action Center was pleading with me. That was fine too — but I expect that.

All the best. Don’t install the optional legacy compatibility updates IF you do not use those legacy applications. Best to hid them.

Anura Guruge


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