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Late last night, after my post that AnyBizSoft was offering its PDF-to-Word for FREE, I felt morally compelled to try it out.

I got a product code via email and gave it a spin.

I first tried it on a 8 page PDF — albeit much of it as a multipage PDF. The Converter had no problems with that.

PDF from Anura Guruge's "Next Pope After Benedict XVI" bookI then tried in on a PDF of Chapter IV of my current book — 56 pages tightly formatted pages with lots of images, graphics, tables and text boxes. << See ‘thumbnail’ example >>This is about as complicated a PDF that I deal in. It handled it with panache. Didn’t take long. About the same time that Adobe 9.2 Professional takes to create the PDF from Word. I had a quick look. Looked good.

I was impressed.

I had tried to use this product earlier this year on a 689 page PDF for my father. But without a product-key this Converter would only do 3 pages.

So I ended up using nitroPDF’s online serviced. They too did a great job, though my father’s PDF was all straight text without any graphics, tables, text boxes etc.

So I decided to award BOTH these PDF-to-Word conversion products an Anura Guruge “Two Glasses of Red” Award. Congratulations, AnyBizSoft and nitroPDF. Well deserved. It is not easy to win me over.

The “Two Glasses of Red” Award

In one way or another I have been reviewing IT products and services since 1992. I used to publish a monthly 16-page Newsletter.

During the term of Bill Clinton I used to award CIGARS for products that impressed me … with a box of cigars being the most coveted. But most of you are probably too young to remember the significance of cigars vis-à-vis Bill Clinton. But, it was fun. My cigar awards meant something. Bill is no longer in the White House and I have never smoked. So cigars seem inappropriate. However, purely for medicinal reasons I force myself to have a glass and a half of red each day — rain or shine, snow or sleet. So two glasses of Anu’s red seems like a good choice.

Enjoy. Cheers.

Anura Guruge


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A reader of this blog just sent me an email giving me a ‘heads-up’ of this free offer.


ALL I am doing right now is passing it onto you. I think I tried to use this earlier this year and was foiled because I didn’t have a license.

They CLAIM that you will now get FREE product code, with no time limitations.

Again, I am NOT endorsing this product. I haven’t even tried it. But, IF you need PDF-to-Word, which always worth having around, YOU might as well grab this.

But, as ever, proceed with caution. There could be a catch.

Good luck. Share your feedback.

I THANK my reader for this ‘heads up.’ That was kind and thoughtful.


Anura Guruge

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Basically I had an instance of Word 2007 that I could NOT close. [I didn’t resort to firing up TASK MANAGER to cancel the application.]

Was distressing and discouraging. I had hoped that Windows 7 was more robust in this area of application ‘clean up.’

To be fair it was a Word 2007 problem. But, Word got it’s knickers in a knot thanks to Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.2.

My father, Dr. Ananda Guruge, like I, is an author — a much more prolific and successful one at that. He is working on his 80th (we think) book … a fictional trilogy. He had a PDF sent to him by his publisher in Sri Lanka. It was 689 pages long. He wanted it in Word. [Now 81 we wrote it in long hand and his publisher had it data entered.]

I opened it up Acrobat 9.2 and saved it as a Word (97-2003 compatible) document. Opened it up. Opened fine for me. Reformatted it a bit and saved it. Opened it again and all was fine.

Emailed it to my father. He calls back to say that he only got the first 286 pages! Checked the document again on my Windows 7 machine using Word 2007. No problem.

So decided to try it on my XP machine using Word 2002 … since this would be closer to what my father had.

He was right. Doesn’t open all the pages. Plus it hangs Word 2002. Hhhmmmm.

Tried various tricks. Tried Adobe Acrobat 6 Professional. That hung.

Tried three of the PDF-to-Word conversion products on a trial basis. Not impressed. In the end used the online (meaning you give them PDF … they email Word back) nitoPDF converter. Wow. Very impressed. They converted and sent me back the 689 page document in minutes. Based on that I have no problem endorsing nitroPDF. Take a bow, nitoPDF. You saved my day. I had heard a lot about them. First time I have used them.

Well, though by now I was doing most of the PDF work on my XP system, I had opened various versions of the Adobe converted document using Word 2007. One version being RTF. Anyway, when I was trying to close my multiple instances of Word, the last one would not close.

Basically, Windows 7 though displaying the window was not recognizing it. Not good. Not happy. Rather than mess around, I restarted Windows 7. Here is the SAD sequel. I checked my RELIABILITY HISTORY. Nothing on it. Not happy.

Well, I am now wondering … when will we see Windows 7 SP1. I’ve heard that it might be available around June 2010.


Anura Guruge

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